2016 Celebrity Lecture

n 2016 we staged our 7th Biennial Celebrity Lecture  at Brooke Priory School's lecture theatre in Oakham. 

Holding the Lecture on an afternoon in April, instead of on a winter evening, was a new venture and certainly attracted people from further afield. 
Prior to the lecture the Group staged a plant stall which proved very popular and successful. 
Matthew Wilson, well known garden designer and broadcaster, who now lives in Rutland, was the entertaining speaker. He took us through some of his experiences leading up to producing a garden for Chelsea in 2015. Ideas were given to us on how to adapt the use of hard and soft landscaping in our own garden, however small. 
The audience enjoyed Matthew's insights into how Chelsea gardens were and are now judged, plus, giving us a picture of the number of hours and hard work that are entailed before the opening day. The finished masterpieces then, hopefully, justify the large amount of money invested by the sponsors.